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LED to believe

So, for most of my life I was led to believe that technical stuff, especially all things wired, were not for me. This happened for many reasons, but mainly and during adulthood because of the huge gap between creating something with your hands and creating something with your brain! Not that I don't use my brain while creating and surely one also uses ones hands while programing and wiring stuff, but it's just like that, sewing, knitting and definitely felting are hands on while computers are brains on!
Today I have very bravely  (with that terrifying feeling I had in tummy since I got my adafruit kit) breached that gap, actually that happened the moment I decided to take part in this competition and take on the challenge to create a piece that would meaningfully integrate technology in order to augment it's possibilities and aesthetics. 
As I was selected to the final fase of this project it all became very, very real! And a bit scary! I don't enter projects lightly, and I have this thing where I like to bring things to completion, although with this one (after the hackaton, and facing a brick wall called arduino) it was not looking pretty and I was on the verge of giving up. And in spite of having felted two beautiful pieces as a base to my idea, the technology was not helping my case! Ask anyone, programing microprocessors is not a walk in the park, even less when you never looked at a program your entire life (those are things that live behind the computer screen and hopefully you'll never have to deal with) and then stich leds on to that microprocessor  (gemma thingy) and tell it want you want it to do and when! Oh lord! Here it is, I completely underestimated this one!
Why did I get into it then? Well, I do love technology and I appreciate what this century has to offer! I love materials and a trip to the hardware store only compares to the greatest haberdashery or the most aromatic bookstore! And consider this...I make felt, I construct non woven woollen fabrics and sculptures with warm water and soap, applying a technic that is almost as old as human kind (I like to call it the proto textile) and now the possibility presents itself to combine that with the latest developments in wearables, it's just too irresistible!
I searched far and found very near,  I asked around if anyone I know could lend a brain cell or two to help me figure this one out, and then it dawned on me!
I know the sweetest, most clever guy that surely could help! Right across Tábua, in Oliveira de Fazemão lives my favourite nuclear physicist Steve Cassidy!
And this is a thank you Steve, for helping me, oh so often, with my projects. By now you and Megumi have become such an important building block in my project, all that besides being wonderful friends! You helped me when I wanted japanese kohase to close my garments and shoes, and they do, you helped me when I discovered sumi-e and couldn't find out more about it, and now I do, and you helped me understand programing  (still the tip of the iceberd, but more will come) patiently walked me through the steps of making this thing and finally lit my led !
Thank you guys you are brilliant!

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